Beginners Guide For Ladies With Dogs.

How to guide for beginner ladies

How to guide a beginner ladies 

Dogs aren't like men, even though all the erotic stories you read give them human characteristics. In the stories, you stimulate them by hand, or orally, get them erect, then achieve penetration. Then the stories have the dog perform intercourse for a while, eventually getting the knot inside somehow. Then, the stories say, the dog ejaculates, and withdraws. All are stories written by men who have no idea how the process actually occurs.

Actually, the dog does get interested and excited, but does not become "erect" until after penetration. The dog has a bone called the os penis, so technically it is hard all the time. Most of the time, it is concealed in the furry sheath that you see under his belly. It mostly pops out when he becomes interested and in the early stages of excitement. It is pink, smooth, and about the size of a man's forefinger. It will come out of the furry sheath about an inch, maybe two. At this stage of excitement, he will begin to attempt to mount. 

He does this by approaching you from behind. You should be on your hands and knees at this point with your shoulders level with or slightly lower than your hips so that your pelvis is at the right angle. He will rear up and grasp your waist with his forelegs, and bring his penis into contact with your now exposed genitals. He will probe firmly with the tip of his penis, looking for your vagina. At this point, you should reach quickly between your legs, grasp his penis gently with your fingers, and bring him quickly to your vagina. If you allow him to probe without helping him, it can be uncomfortable for you. It is a bone, after all. When he feels the tip slip in, he will thrust it into you all the way in one push.

Once it's in all the way, it will immediately begin to grow in length and thickness, and the knot will begin to form. The entire penis reaches full size very quickly. At the same time, he will begin to thrust in and out in short, sharp jabs. He also begins to ejaculate as soon as he gets inside you, and will continue to do so until he pulls it out of you. He will ejaculate a large quantity of semen, and it is quite hot. you will be able to feel the spurts of hot semen while he is inside you.

Depending on the size of the knot, and the relative tightness of your vagina, he may or may not get stuck inside you. If you are fairly flexible, and his knot is not large, he will pull it out of you. The vigorous humping will last from one to three minutes, and then he will simply stop and stand there with his penis still inserted in you. If his knot and your lack of tightness are such that he can, he will pull it out of you at this point. If the knot and your tightness are such that he can't get it out, however, it becomes known as a "tie". 
In that case, he will not be able to pull it out, but will stand there quietly and ejaculate into you. This will last from 10 to 40 minutes, until his penis shrinks enough to pull out. The time will vary depending on the individual dog, breed of dog, how long it's been since he's had sex, and other factors.
Also, during the tie, the dog will most likely swing his foreleg over your back, and turn so that he's butt to butt with you, with his penis still locked inside your vagina. This is a natural defensive maneuver on his part, to allow him to defend against predators. If you can't hold him on your back in the doggy position, hold him by the back legs after he's turned around to keep him inside you. Or your partner can hold him for you. During this time, don't try to pull away, because it might be painful for you, and will be painful for him. You have to remain quiet and let nature take it's course.

For that reason, schedule your sessions when you know you won't be disturbed for a couple of hours. You should always put sweat socks on his front feet, or wear a sturdy shirt, to avoid scratches. You should also place a thick towel or something beneath you to catch the ejaculate. (There will be a lot). For the single ladies, and those whose partner doesn't know about your activities, it is suggested that you try to have a helper for the first few times. Although the dog won't deliberately hurt you, he can be single-minded once he discovers that he's about to be allowed to have intercourse with you.

After he becomes familiar with intercourse with you, you can train him to do it "missionary" style as well. And remember, no matter what position you choose, your genitals have to be at the right height for him. If you feel him probing too low, spread your knees to lower yourself. If his probing is too high, bring your knees together to raise yourself. Or, you may have to kneel on a small pillow, if he is a large dog.

Some things to do if you are just starting out with a new dog, play with him a lot, making him your friend. Do this until he is relaxed and comfortable. While doing this, begin to fondle him gently until he is comfortable with you handling his genitals. When he is comfortable, try masturbating him. First, remove all your jewelry, including rings. Grasp the furry sheath at the tip of his penis, with your fingers between the shaft and his belly. Pull gently but firmly back on the sheath all the way. When the sheath is behind the area where the knot will form, it will trigger the growth of the penis. It will lengthen, and thicken, and the knot will form. He will probably begin hunching his hips at this point, as if he was having intercourse. He will begin ejaculating.
Remember, his penis is very sensitive, so use plenty of lubricant, and be gentle. Grasp his penis behind the knot, and hold it. Rub the shaft gently with the other hand. You can do oral safely as soon as he quits hunching his hips. Hold the penis behind the knot, and place the shaft in your mouth. Watch out for your teeth, his penis is very sensitive. He will ejaculate in your mouth while you are doing this.

If he does not tie with you during intercourse, he will pull it out of you as soon as he quits humping. This will happen if the knot isn't big enough, or you aren't tight enough, as mentioned above. It will still be swollen at this point, and is another opportunity to perform oral on him, following the information above. 

Sometimes a dog will appear indifferent or uninterested. He won't lick much, and won't mount. Don't give up. He is probably just confused about what it is you want him to do. 
Keep working with him, praising him when he takes a step in the right direction. Get on all fours, and have your partner place his (or her) hand on his penis, and gently masturbate him. When the dog begins to become erect, have your partner lift him on your back, and quickly place his penis in your vagina. He should hump at this point, even if its just a little before he dismounts. This is fine, keep doing this over and over. Dogs learn by repetition. So don't give up. After all, you have spent a lot of time telling him "don't jump up. Get down". Is it a wonder he's confused now that you're telling him that it is all right to jump on your back, and even to breed with you? 

A final note to remember. About 10 percent of all dogs will not do intercourse with a woman. Every now and then you will encounter one of these non-performers. No matter what you do, you will not be able to teach one of these dogs to do what they're not inclined to do. So if you have one of these, and he will not respond to the suggestions above, don't pursue the matter with him. To do so would be abuse.

By Cobra64

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