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This is a Guide For Ladies With Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

By Cobra64 form Beastforum

Q.Is it true that a dog is very clean, and you don't have to worry about getting an STD or infection?

A. Yes, dogs' genitals are very clean. And there are no diseases that are common to both dogs and humans, so none can be transmitted. The only way you could get an STD is if your dog had intercourse with an infected human, and then immediately had intercourse with you.

Solution: Don't share your dog, and don't let him hang out in bars, picking up strange women. :-)

Q. One big concern I have is I would not want him to perforate me or tear me. I would be sure to guide him in with my hand. Since it is bone it has potential to do damage so do you have any additional suggestions not mentioned in the how-to guide you forwarded to me?

A. Don't worry about the bone. It is well padded, and he will simply probe firmly looking for your vagina. Since your vulva is quite tender, it may cause a little soreness if he is allowed to probe freely. As soon as he mounts and begins the probing motion, grasp his penis gently and quickly with your fingers, and bring the tip to the opening of your vagina. He'll take it from there by thrusting into you.

Q. I have had 2 girls so the knot should not be a problem as far as size is concerned. I have heard a black lab would be around 5 to 6 inches long, is that right?

A. Dogs are like men. They come in all sizes. 6 inches in length is about average for a lab.

That is measured from the front of the knot to the tip, so you may have to accommodate 8 or 9 inches altogether. For most women that is not a problem, but is enjoyable.

His knot will be about like a tennis ball, if he is average in size. You should feel pleasantly stretched just inside the entrance of your vagina, about where your g-spot is located. Many women say that knots and g-spots are made for each other.

Q. I should be prepared for a tie in case it happens. If it happens, he must ejaculate more semen in you because he is in you 10 to 20 minutes rather than 3 to 5 minutes, right?

A. Yes, when he ties he will ejaculate more semen into you for the reasons you stated. Once in you, he will ejaculate until he withdraws. You will feel the hot spurts. Although he fills you up with it, it will leak out around his penis so there won't be any discomfort.

Q. The how-to mentions a "large quantity of semen, and it is quite hot". Would this be like a ½ cup or how much is usual? Is it uncomfortable at all because it is hot?

A. About a quarter cup is normal, sometimes more, depending on the dog! It is noticeably hot to you because a dog's body temperature is higher than a humans. It's not uncomfortable, just erotically noticeable.

Q. Will I feel pressure in me until he pulls out due to the large quantity?

A. You will feel the hot spurts. Although he fills you up with it, it will leak out around his penis so there won't be any discomfort.

Q. Should I expect his semen to drain out quickly or generally how long does it take for it all to be absorbed and drained?

A. Since his semen is thinner than a man's, it will gush out when he withdraws. Although you will be wet afterwards, it should go away as fast as a man's, so just take a bath and it won't be noticeable at all. Because it leaks out during intercourse, and then gushes out at withdrawal, you need a towel or other cloth to catch it and not wet the floor. Easier to clean up.

Q. Unfortunately for me my husband would feel threatened if I asked for his help (maybe later I can convince him) and I have no girlfriend interested (or said not and it is not something you can ask anyone) so I would have to do it alone. I am a housewife so time alone during the day is not a problem. Anything else you can add for doing it alone?

A. As far as your hubby, he may not be as threatened as you think. A lot of men have the secret desire to see their wife have intercourse with other men, or dogs, etc.

One suggestion is this: when hubby comes home one day and during pillow talk, tell him that the dog was sniffing around that day, and put his nose in your crotch. That the dog was persistent about it, and then tried to mount your leg while you were sitting down. You can judge by his reaction how to proceed. If he says that you should have taken off your panties for the dog, you'll know you're home free. If he says yuck! You can react that way. It's a way to judge his feelings without committing yourself.

As far as doing it alone, many, many women do it alone because they don't have a hubby, or are afraid to tell him, and don't have any female friends that they can trust with this. It's just easier to get the dog to understand what he can do if there is a helper. But you can do it all alone without any danger. The main risk is getting panicked during intercourse and trying to pull the dog's penis out of you. As I said in the how-to, that can be painful for both of you. Often, when the dog is finished humping, he'll get down off your back, (or front) and stand with his back legs toward you. He will tug gently as if trying to pull out. If he has tied, he won't be able to pull out, but it can be unnerving for the beginner lady. Just hold on to him by the collar, the back legs, or fur to control him until he shrinks and slips out naturally.

Solution: Just don't get panicked. Relax, and let nature take its course.

Q. The how-to says to schedule your sessions when you won't be disturbed for a couple of hours. It seems to me like about 1 hour might be right in allowing for a little foreplay and 20 minutes if in a tie plus some recovery and clean-up time, right?

A. I suggested a couple of hours for beginners. After you, and the dog, become practiced at this, you can have a quickie in 30 minutes, if you want. You'll be able to remove your panties, expose your vulva to him, and he'll be in you in a flash. But at first, go slow and careful. Take all the time you need.

Q. Should I expect the feeling to be so intense at the end, especially at first, that I will need more time to recover compared to my husband?

A. Since I don't know your reactions to sex, it would be hard to judge intensity or recovery time. Most of the ladies say that it is somewhat different than intercourse with a man, But just as, or more, intense. Most report multiple orgasms during intercourse with their dog.

Q. How should I expect to feel mentally and physically after the first time and do those feelings change after more times?

A. You may feel a little kinky after the first time, but that's ok. The kink adds to the mental excitement. Physically you should feel like you have just had wonderful sex. I don't know if the feelings change much. Most ladies are just as turned on after years of dog sex as they were at first, and they still love it.

Q. Will my OB-GYN doctor know about this from examining me?

A. Your physician will not be able to tell anything about this from any examination. In fact, after a nice bath, even your hubby, or your lover if you have one, won't suspect anything. Unless you tell them, of course.

Q. Is it suggested that lube be used or does nature take care of this?

A. Your natural lubrication should be enough, and more. Besides, the dog will begin spurting pre-ejaculate fluid as soon as he begins to try to mount. I've never heard of a woman who got this far and needed artificial lubricant.

Q. What is the most dangerous thing for me in this case and how should I guard against it?

A. The most dangerous thing is the panic, as discussed above. Just relax, and don't try to pull him out of you once he's in and swollen to full size. Enjoy. After all, that's what you wanted, anyway.

Q. The how-to is right when it says we tell our dog not to jump up and on people. If we do have a relationship how do I handle things when other people are around and he shows unique interest in me?

A. Do it with your dog only in the same room (bedroom, for example) and under similar conditions every time. Example: Only let him have you when you're completely naked. Scold him if he approaches you under any other circumstances. Dogs are very intelligent, and he will learn when it's all right to approach you. Another trigger is when you put the socks on his forelegs. That's a sure sign to him that he's about to get some wonderful sex. Our first dog was so intelligent that he would go to the laundry hamper and get any old sock he could find, and bring it to my wife, hoping that she would let him, I suppose. Of course she did, most of the time.

And, most people will think he's just being a dog if he approaches you in their presence. Dogs do that, you know. Just scold him gently, and put him in another room.

You'll do fine on this score.