Trojan Boar

Men are Dicks and Men are Pigs, therefore, Pigs are Dicks.

Will the male phallus ever regain its warm and loveable reputation, or have the overphotographed human penises become too unnerving to tolerate. Male genitals though are getting a bad rap due to their host organisms nonconsensually overexposing them and forcing or tricking them upon people in an abhorrent manner.

Have the overly sexually aggressive created a distaste for the mushroom shaped organ, pushing a lustful desire for the corkscrew and oblong animal instruments. There is no doubt that human cocks can trigger negative subconscious mental reactions, but we guys are not all dicks. With the surge of bestiality sites and the mammalian genital adoration I have witnessed as of late, I wonder what lengths will have to be taken for me to start friending women again.

In the past I limited the testosterone in my circle of friends to quell the egoist/competetive mentality us men create toward each other. I never had an issue meeting women and developing close relationships with them. Those days appear to have eroded quickly allowing me to realize my needs better. I care minimally about my own sexual gratification, but I do miss seeing others I care for take pleasure in many forms and events. 

Today, I am rejected by numerous women before I even open their page and decide if they would be fun to read about in their profile. Even non-lesbian females emit a strong repellant for a whole gender of upright walkers. A large number of female site-members have angry opening diatribes detailing the wall they built to keep men from breathing near them.  I will admit, it does hurt to be rejected, but even more so when the rejection is prejidiced by special circumstances.

Believe me, I understand your reasoning and I am not trying to discredit your feelings. It makes total sense to me, but as a man who is recently finding the need to explore life with like minded people (I have always gravitated towards female companions), there is a part of me that feels discouraged, alone, and unsure how to adapt: Old dog, new tricks, except the new tricks are possibly old dogs......hmmm. Gonna have to rethink that. 

I get on these writing kicks where I openly have a discussion with my own mind. It helps me reconcile change and human behavior if I can type out my brain thoughts. Don't let my often contradictory opinions create emotional response, though, hopefully it makes you ponder reality intellectually. Thanks for reading or not reading; Good day!