Vanessa’s car breaks down

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Vanessa’s car breaks down

Vanessa has just been to her country gym. She has just turned into the single lane going through the forest; she liked the road as it is a one way system : she tried to make sure she was last out of the gym, given her the chance to stop and be naughty after a good work out.

Vanessa Started to feel horny and she found herself feeling between her legs; she was looking for an area to pull over when the car stated to shudder: At first she thought she had hit an animal. The car came to a sudden stop and the lights went dim. She slowly got out of the car not knowing what she was going to see; There was nothing there, steam was coming from thee bonnet. She tried her mobile it had a good reception; she thought it was lucky she could get on the web and phone for help. Vanessa found a local garage not too far away.

The guy comes from the garage to help.

 “What are you wearing?”

 “Sorry! I mean you look like you have just been for a run”

“I have just come from the gym” Vanessa felt she had to explain that she always jumps in the car and showers when she gets home.

Vanessa started to walk to the front of the car at the same time telling the guy what had happened. Vanessa can see the guy having sneaky looks at her ass and tits.

Wow she could feel her cunt getting moist; “he is here to fix the car you stupid cow leave it” she told herself.

She looked at his van he had a big dog sitting in the front seat. When she looked back the guy was looking right at her cunt

“are you going to fix the car for nothing then” Vanessa whispered.

No but I can take payment in kind!!!! Vanessa was a mature woman 44yrs young; a nice soft rounded face with a glint in her eyes (lust more than erotic, she looked like she was stripping you and abusing you at a glance.) Her breasts were round and so proud; they were not there to be hidden, with an ass and legs to die for.

Vanessa had no knickers on she loved to go without, this made her feel sexy all the time (and ready).

Vanessa said she could not do that sort of thing hear.

” I need to take the car back to the yard to fix it”.

 “There is a nice office there you could pay me in the office.”

Vanessa did not have to think about it; she was so wanting to be fucked her juices were trickling down her inner legs.” Let’s go” she found herself louder than she meant to be.

Off they went Vanessa sat by the dog; he was very friendly and kept licking her face and sniffing her cunt: she thought he could smell her juices (did the dog sense that her tummy was so tight with excitement and lust).

The guy looked “stop that” “that is for me not you”.

Vanessa opened her legs wide pulling up her skirt shown her glory hole “there is enough for everyone”

“isn’t there boy”. The dog was licking her cunt as she opened her lips. ”Fucking hell you dirty bitch”

 ”I am cumming in my jeans”.

Vanessa leaned over and unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out he was about 6in but it looked nice and clean and pink with a lovely Knob end, down she went swallowing that cock right to the hilt, slowly taken it out and licking the tip and going down again; she was loving it her tits were rock hard bursting to get out, the dog was well into her cunt; that long tongue getting as deep as it could. The guy could not stop; she felt the cock starting to build up to shoot.

Then it happened he exploded, that white hot cum whirled round her mouth and she swallowed with so much lust, she was shaken with waves of pleasure WOW she thought this is fucking great; her cunt was dripping and covered in doggy saliva.

She sat up and just started to shake with waves of pleasure the dog was licking her face all over she could smell her cunt on his breath. The guy said I hope you don’t think that is payment in full you have to pay in the office to make it a deal!

What would happen back at the yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They arrived at the yard. The guy told Vanessa to go into the office while he sorted her car out, this she did. The office was empty so she sat and waited. It did not take long for the guy to enter the office, he was followed by a teenage girl; must have been about 19yr or 20yr old, she was wearing blue overalls covered in grease, her hands were black with dirt and grease; her face had smears of grease all over .

She did look pretty, Vanessa thought. “Make a cup of tea Ann for me and Vanessa”.

“OK how do you like it Vanessa” she asked in a very soft voice

 “as it comes with no sugar”. Vanessa gave her a very suggestive look; hopeful the girl was some of what she was going to get later.

A guy came into the office; what do you want us to do with the car boss? It needs the leads replacing and it needs a full service. He started to write an invoice out; Vanessa came across to the counter, she whispered I thought I was paying in kind!

The guy lent forward o yes you are but you want your money’s worth, don’t you?

Vanessa had a big cheesy grin on her face I say I do and sat down to finish her tea. It will take about an hour; Vanessa was puzzled; why could she not start to pay them back now!

The girl left the office, “what are we waiting for?” They need to tidy up for the night when they are finished. Then we can have some fun in the garage, the lads cannot wait he said as he laughed

 “The lads!”

“Yes they are the ones doing the work and I know I could not satisfy you on my own.”

WOW! fucking hell! This sounds like a long job Vanessa said (hoping she was right). The guy said no more than a couple of hours the owner is coming round to do some work tonight.

At last the car was ready and the boss said “are we going to join the team in the garage?”

“I thought we were going to do the payment in the office to make it official”

“O no need for that Vanessa, lets go and have some fun.”

They went across the yard, just as they were 5 yards from the garage door it opened and two guys and the teenage girl came out to greet them. Hi boss the girl said, I have brought the blanket. She put it out on the ground, using a broom to flatten it out; just then the boss grabbed Vanessa from behind, he pulled her tight against him and lifted her skirt to reveal to the others that she had no knickers on.

The girl shouted WOW you dirty cow; by this time the boss had his finger in Vanessa’s cunt; she was so wet she had been waiting a long time for this, she could hardly breathe with excitement, and she was looking up at the skies.

The boss whispered into Vanessa’s ear “you just have to say stop and we will”.

Vanessa whispered back “I have never said stop in my life”.

Just then Ann was pushing the broom handle back and forward “you’re going to get plenty of fucking”. Go on then Ann, the boss ordered Ann; but what was he telling her to do?

“Shove it up her” he shouted, that was Vanessa’s answer,

“Can I”

Vanessa looked down “do as your boss tells you”” You dirty little cow” Ann had a glint in her eyes (evil lust rather than a glint). Ann parted Vanessa’s lips with her finger and thumb; the boss was playing with her clit, he had the tips of his fingers on either side of her clit, rubbing gently but firmly.

Vanessa could feel the breeze on her clit it was sticking out like a little erect cock between his fingers (fucking hell this was good). She looked down to see Ann on her knees and pushing the broom handle in to her cunt, she was shouting you’re going to get the lot you bitch; as she pushed 6in inside her hole the wood was dry and dragging Vanessa’s lips inside her cunt.

Ann pulled it out and started to spit and lick the handle getting it wet and slimy. She started to push it in and out the handle was soon covered with Vanessa’s slimy juices; now it was going in and out quick and smooth, with the clit being massaged the feeling was out of this world.

The other two guys came over “hey boss, leave some for us”. Help your selves she loves it, do what you like nothing is barred here. The boss stopped rubbing her and lay on the floor

“Come on you whore stride me”.

Ann pulled the broom handle out of her cunt; it was dripping with Vanessa’s cunt juices “lick it you dirty little cow”. As Vanessa was striding the boss, Ann was licking and sucking that handle like a girl possessed.

Fucking hell Vanessa’s body was aching with pleasure, her nipples were rock hard. Her love socket swallowed the bosses cock; she was frantic fucking his brains out; her eyes rolling and her head swinging back and forward. One of the guys had his jeans down and his cock out; he grabbed Vanessa’s hair and pulled her on to his cock, she could hardly breathe just moan loudly. Just then the other guy shoved his cock up her ass; no gentlemen here, straight up to the hilt,

Vanessa was screammmmmmmmmmming “shut up you whore” the guy shoved his cock into her mouth and started to shoot his white hot cum all round her mouth and down her throat; it was so hot and thick it tasted like peppermint.

Vanessa was in her own world now (so much lustful pleasure). The boss and the other guy in her ass were going to cum. They pulled out together; pushed Vanessa to the ground and started to burst all over her. The hot cum was flowing even the guy from her mouth was shooting more cum. Vanessa’s body was like a cream cake

 “Come on Ann your cake is done”,

Ann could did not resist “if you say so bitch” she was licking all the guys cum up and just moaning


This is so nice; Vanessa was just shaking with waves of pleasure going through her body she was screeming FUCKkkkkkkkkk Fuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell (the guys were laughing and looking so smug) A car pulled up and the owner Mike got out. What’s going on here? “Another, pay as you go boss”

This is getting to be a bit of a habit. Come on tide up and go home, you two pointing to Vanessa and Ann; I need you two to help me in the garage (they could not say no could they).

 Mike came over to the girls and whispered “I have two boys that need to lose their virginity” they are in the garage (Ann was puzzled she had seen no one go in the garage; there was just the two dogs in there).


Chapter 2

Meeting the boy’s!

Mike led the girls into the garage; the girls had their cloths and blanket in their hands, feeling rather vulnerable, with anxiety shown on their faces (what was Mike up to). As Vanessa closed the door behind her, the two dogs scampered to Mike; he knelt down

“How are my boy’s?”

Vanessa looked at Ann, her face said it all. We have found out who his boys are; Vanessa was more excited than ever seeing the shocked look on Ann’s face (GOD! She though! She has not had a dog).

The dogs were beautiful German shepherd’s; Vanessa had made acquaintance with one in the van (unknown to Mike).

Mike asked them to come across and meet his boys; the two walked over and the dogs were very friendly and started licking the girls, as the girls stroked and played with them.

Vanessa looked at Ann “Don’t worry I will look after you”

Ann had a lovely nervous smile on her face (she nodded to Vanessa in agreement). Mike laid the blanket on the floor and told the girls “to get over here”

“I am your master”

Vanessa liked this she loved being made to be naughty; she could feel her nipple’s aching and her stomach muscles tighten up (fucking hell this felt lusty and good). Mike told Vanessa to get on all fours; this she did without a thought

Mike got the dog to lie down in front of her “I want to see you”

“give him the best blow job, ever” “bitch!!!!!”

Vanessa started to work on the dogs pouch, Ann could see the little pink cock coming out of the socket

“What are you looking at”

“Lick the whore’s ass”

Mike shouted at Ann; Ann jumped and buried her face into Vanessa’s ass, her tongue lapping (she pulled Vanessa cheeks wide and licked the brown meat).

Mike said you know what they say brown meat is the sweetest; Ann pushed two fingers into Vanessa pussy (she heard Vanessa sigh) she was very excited at the sound and pushed her thumb in to Vanessa’ ass at the same time. She went crazy pushing in and out hard; this gave her the chance to see what Vanessa was doing to the dog

She looked up to see Vanessa with the doggy fully in her mouth (WOW! What a dirty bitch).

Ann could not believe what she was watching as Vanessa slowly lifted her head up and the dogs cock started to show (Ann could hardly catch her breath, the size, it had grew from a little pink thing into this proud, shiny, red purple monster), Vanessa was really into the dog

“Good bitch” ”love my boy” Mike said

Vanessa was in heaven; being told to be naughty, People watching her, A girl loving her cunt and ass and topping it all, she was the centre of attention (she felt like shouting out me, me, me, and if there is anything left do it to ME). Ann watched as Vanessa licked the tip of the beautiful doggy cock.

Vanessa was in her own world now, she licked the dog then swallowed the entire cock right to the hilt, as she pulled it out of her mouth the dog gave a squirt of cum

“Good doggy give me more” (Vanessa loved the idea she could satisfy, anything she was given)

She then engulfed the dogs cock again and again. Mike looked at Ann watching, and walked to see what she was up to. He saw an oil can on the bench; he picked it up on the way.

Mike got to Ann “This will help”

He squirted the oil on to Vanessa’s ass (Vanessa felt the cold wet thick oil running slowly all over her ass and pussy). That helped, Ann’s thumb slide easy in and out of Vanessa’s ass hole

“Now you will be able to get more fingers in that ass-hole”

Ann did not need to be told twice; she started to push all her fingers into Vanessa’s ass; her hand was slipping in easy (she could hear Vanessa groaning as her hand went further up her ass). Vanessa could feel the ache in her ass, but it was a nice ache and nothing was going to stop her drinking the dogs cum he was squirting all the time in quick short spirts, all over her face and in to her mouth lovely.

She was just moaning mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm,

This was so erotic; a fist ups her ass hole and a dog shown all his pleasure in the form of lots of doggy cum.

Vanessa could not hold back any more; she was climaxing, shaking with pleasure wave after wave, Ann and the dog was not given up; Vanessa’s arms and legs were buckling under her. Both Mike and Ann were shouting at her

“Go you whore”

“You dirty COW, BITCH”

This made Vanessa shout back

“YES! I am”

“I am a fucking whore a bitch”

“Give the COW more come on”. Vanessa slumped to the floor, looking like she was having a fit.

Ann was cumming watching her. Mike shouted she is not finished yet get her up on all fours again, I have another boy needs seeing to. Vanessa shouted let Ann fuck him (she did not mean it).

Mike said no this is all yours! He brought the dog across to Ann; he is all yours make him mount Vanessa

“Mount her” Ann looked lost,

“Fuck her”

“You dumb bitch”.

Ann got the dog behind Vanessa, and started to pat her back “come on boy”

“Your bitch is waiting”.

The dog started to lick Vanessa’s pussy and ass, Ann was playing with the dogs pouch; the dog started to fuck her hand and its wet pink tip started to come out, it wet her hand. The dog put his front legs round Vanessa’s waist; Ann tried her hardest to control the dog, but he was all over Vanessa’s cheeks.

 He was given little squirts of doggy cum over Vanessa’s ass cheeks, and legs; Vanessa could feel the dog cum tickling between her bum cheeks and running down her legs.

The dog’s cock was full and rock hard in Ann’s hand; Ann found Vanessa’s love socket, at last the dog took over; the dog was so fast Ann just managed to get her hand away. Ann thought the dog looked beautiful in full flow fucking the hell out of Vanessa; Vanessa was grunting with pleasure, this was making Ann very excited (she had not seen this before). Vanessa’s bum was shaking like jelly as the dog pounded her from behind.

Ann could not just watch she was too horny; she pulled the other dog over to her (he was still showing his big red purple cock off, it was swinging between his legs.)  Ann grabbed the dogs cock, she stuck the tip of her tongue on to the dogs cock; She was trying to taste the dogs cock; she could not taste anything so she give the doggy cock a long hard lick.

WOW the dog tasted like her hands, when she had cleaned them at the end of a day’s work (after working on cars all day ‘metallic taste’), Ann was used to that taste: she could see Vanessa so she engulfed the dogs cock right up to the hilt; she could see the lustful look in Vanessa’s eyes, this made her go wild slurping and moaning as she licked, lapped, sucked and swallowed in front of Vanessa and Mike.

Vanessa loved being fucked by that bid fucking randy dog and watching Ann; suddenly Vanessa felt the dog’s front paws on her shoulder blades, pressing very hard (the dog was still pounding her), Vanessa had to give into the weight; she found herself pined to the floor, her left cheek being pressed hard on to the floor, the dog had her pinned down with her pussy and ass sticking up.

Vanessa was having a climax, wave after wave of pleasure (she was his bitch and in her own little heaven), her love socket full of that red purple monster spurting hot cum.

Mike knelt down beside Vanessa rubbing his cock; he exploded all over Vanessa’s face, hair and turned to Ann

“Suck this one as well”

Ann was going from one cock to another swallowing and sucking; the dog was licking Mike’s cum off Vanessa ; she was French kissing the dog and getting Mike’s cum off the dog’s tongue. Vanessa gave off one big shout; the dog had forced his knot into her cunt, the dog tried to get off, he ended up facing the opposite way to Vanessa.

She was now stuck and could not move. She was having one god almighty orgasm. Ann was climaxing on her back, with the dog cumming in her mouth: she was curled up in a ball shaking like a leaf. Mike loved what he was watching; his boys were satisfying the two whores. The dog came out of Vanessa, her cunt was dripping with doggy cum.

Mike shouted come on you two bitches don’t waste that cum

“Ann drink from Vanessa’s cunt, you dirty cow”

“Vanessa he is still cumming for you”

Vanessa lay under the other dog with her legs wide open for Ann to drink from her glory hole, while allowing the dog to squirt all his cum into her mouth.


The dogs were drained of every drop of their doggy cum, and the girls lay in each other’s arms MMMMMMM.

Mike took the dogs away and put them in the office, when he came back he told them “we have to leave”. The girls agreed: Mike asked if they would be interested in some more of the same, as he was a member of a very special swingers group

They both said yes and all left for home











Vanessa’s car breaks down 3

They both said yes and all left for home

When Vanessa got home her knickers were soaking wet with her juices; she had been going over the day in her mind; she was cumming over and over again in her car coming home. As she entered the front door her pet dog ran to her, jumping up and licking her face. Vanessa new she had to take him for a walk.

“OK Boy”

“Let me get your leash”.

Vanessa knew, if she did not take the dog now, she would be too tired later.

“Come on boy” Vanessa put the leash on the dog.

The dog was sniffing Vanessa’s crutch and licking her face. Vanessa stroked the dog and told him he was a good boy; she could smell her cum on the dog’s lips.

“WOW boy you do smell nice”

“I am Taken the dog out” Vanessa called out to her parents.

The dog (Brandy) jumped into the car; when Vanessa got in the front seat she had a quick rub of her cunt. She turned to Brandy and told him she had been fucked by a strange dog.

Vanessa drove off to the woods, as she opened the door, Brandy got out, but he just sat at her feet. This was unusual as he always ran off and scampered in to the woods.

“What is wrong with you?” Vanessa said in a nice soft voice.

“Go on enjoy a run” Vanessa pointed to the woods.

As Vanessa started to walk Brandy followed; Vanessa thought as she walked; did the dog understand what she had said in the car; was he not happy because another dog had fucked his mistress.

“No he is a dog he does not understand.” She whispered to her self

“Go on boy” Vanessa released the leash, as they got to the edge of the woods.

Brandy was not going he was staying close to Vanessa; Vanessa ran with the dog to get him in the mood; as she was running the dog was jumping up and seemed to be more attentive than normal.

The car park was full but there was no one in sight; Vanessa ran behind the bushes and Brandy followed; he seemed to be more excited than normal. Vanessa was still randy and decided to let brandy have a sniff at her cunt


Brandy was quick to take his moment and gave a lick to Vanessa’s knickers.

Wow that felt so good; Vanessa felt so naughty.

She knew now that Brandy could smell the other two dogs on her cunt. She looked around to see if anyone could see her, there was no one in sight. She quickly removed her knickers (as she bent down to step out of her knickers Brandy’s cold nose pushed against her clitoris.


“You do like my love hole”

The dog was now burying his big pink long tongue inside Vanessa’s hole.


“yes” “yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss”.

Vanessa turned so she was now facing the dog; she bent her knees and opened her thighs. Brandy could get to her love hole easy; Vanessa pulled open her cunt lips.


“That is so nice mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Brandy was now pleasing his mistress with his tongue, lapping and licking faster and faster; Vanessa was recalling what she had done to the two dogs in the garage; this was feeling just as good with her own pet.

“Can you taste the other two dogs’ sperm?” Vanessa looked down at the dog and laughed.

“He will not say yes!” she laughed. Vanessa was so randy.

Vanessa got down on the grass and kept her knees bent and allowed the dog to feast. Vanessa kept nipping her nipples hard to stop herself from cumming.

Brandy was not stopping; Vanessa had her eyes closed she was back in the garage sucking the dog’s red cock; drinking the doggy cum.

Vanessa heard the bushes rustle in the wind; she thought someone was there, but she could not see anyone. “Few! That made me jump, Brandy”, she stroked the dog’s head. “Keep going boy I am ready to cum”. Vanessa closed her eyes again; this time she was concentrating on Brandy; his tongue was so nice.

Vanessa was rubbing her tits and moving her head back and forwards mmm!

“That is so Nice Brandy” mmm

“More more more” Vanessa was encouraging the dog she was ready to burst in to pleasure.

Vanessa felt something fall on her belly. She was too far in to her orgasm to flick it off her body. Her belly was now starting to jump and twitch. “Ah ah ahha ah ah”.

Vanessa felt a soft movement up her belly, this made her nerves in her belly jump; she opened her eyes to see a young girl (Long black hair, about 20 year old, a twig in her hand and she was naked)

“What are you doing?” “This is a private party”

“O I am Sorry you look so wonderful” the young girl was nervous.

“Laying there with the dog loving you” the girl said in a very nervous voice.

“Please can I join you!” the girl on her knees pleading with Vanessa.

Vanessa thought what could she do; If she said no, will the girl shout out and let people know what she was doing with her pet dog. Vanessa was feeling very vulnerable I will have to let her join in, she thought.

“Yes you can if you suck my dog’s big purple cock” Vanessa was now very raunchy and hoped the girl would say no. she thought she would run away.

The young girl agreed and pulled brandy’s back legs towards her. Vanessa knelt down and got Brandy to lie on his back; she had brandy’s head between her legs. Vanessa told the girl to rub Brandy’s pouch.

The girl grabbed Brandy and started to rub very hard; she was so excited "like this"

"No! not so hard" Vanessa did not want the girl to harm the dog.

Vanessa move the girls hand away "Like this" she caressed Brandy's pouch; she let go and told the girl to take over. As soon as the girl stroked the dog he reacted; his pink tip come out and wet the girl’s hand. She jumped as the wet pink tip started to grow.

"WOW he does look nice" The girl had a big beaming smile on her face.

"Yes he likes you" "you need to kiss him"

"On his mouth" the girl looked surprised.

"No you silly bitch" "HIS COCK!"

The girl bent her head down and kissed brandy's nice pink tip; “mmm that is so nice” ”I am so excited”

 "It tastes salty".

Vanessa told the girl to take it into her mouth. The girl loved it she was so gentle "it is like a lovely lolly pop"; the girl looked so sweet; she had a shy smile, almost asking Vanessa for her approval.

"Go on suck my Brandy" Vanessa was holding the dog's now large red purple cock so the girl could take it in her mouth; The girl was not used to this, she struggled to take a lot of Brandy's cock in her mouth.

“Good girl, nice and slow” Vanessa was so encouraging, she did not want the girl to be put off.

“MMMM-yes-mmm” the girl was muttering

“A bit more” Vanessa was so wet; Brandy's tongue was doing his bit between her legs.

The girl spluttered and coughed “Ahuahuahu” her saliva dripping from her mouth.

“Get your breath” “He is waiting for more”

Vanessa stooped down “like this” and engulfed Brandy's cock to the hilt, her nose touching the dogs knot. As she let the dog's cock out of her mouth the young girl thought it was so erotic. More and more of the red monster was shown. The young girl was frigging herself franticly. The girl was so excited; Vanessa now licking the tip of her dog's cock. Mmm-nice-nice-mm  fuck-yes-fuck-yes-mmmmmmmmmmmm

“WOW let me do that” Vanessa had made it look so erotic the young girl could not control herself.

“I don't know if you are ready!” Vanessa was making her beg.

“PLEASE PLEASE!” “LET ME DO IT!” The girl did not care anymore; she wanted that dog's cock.

“Do you want my dog's cock” “Do you?” “Do you?” “Do you?” “Do you?” “Do you?”

“YES YES YES” “Please let me suck his cock”

Vanessa was now smiling; she had the young girl where she wanted her. She told the girl you have to take it all in your mouth to the knot. The young girl nodded her approval and said she would try. Vanessa held the dog erect so the girl could get to the red monster and she could see every movement.

Vanessa explained; slowly take a quarter of his proud cock then release and then half and release. After that you take a little more each time until you feel his knot on your nose. The young girl nodded and began to lick the tip.

“Come on he wants you to suck” Vanessa was now excited; she was so wet with the dog licking her.

The girl stooped down and took the dog's cock in her mouth “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”; she had listened well, she was so gentle and released the dog to a nice slurping noise; this turned Vanessa on even more.

“Fucking hell girl that is good” Vanessa was so excited.

The girl was now bobbing up and down on Brandy's dog cock. Making loving moaning sounds all the time.

Vanessa had a hand full of the girl’s hair, pulling her up and down. She was trying to force the girl to deep throat the dog. The dog squirted some doggy cum into the girl’s mouth; this caught her out and she started to choke.

“Stop it you little bitch” “Drink you slut” Vanessa was firm

The girl took the red purple cock in her mouth; she was still spluttering and gasping for her breath. The girl found her throat opened up and felt the dog's cock fill it. She withdrew and smiled at Vanessa.


“Yes now do it again”

The girl slowly engulfed the red purple slimy cock almost to the hilt. The girl now wanted the dog's cum. The noise was making Vanessa very raunch.

Brandy started shooting his puppies into the girl’s mouth. Vanessa pulled the girls head off Brandy and opened her mouth so she could have Brandy's cum squirt into her mouth “Nice”.

“Let me have some” the girl grabbed the dog's cock and aimed it at her mouth; the dog’s cum splashed all over the girl’s face and then hit the back of her throat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm He tastes so nice the girl told Vanessa.

The two drank Brandy dry and then sat facing each other; Vanessa told the girl they could not leave the bushes until Brandy had calmed down.

“Will you watch me masturbate?” the girl was so excited

“Yes if you watch me at the same time” Vanessa loved the idea.

The two girls were calling each other as they played with their love holes.

“You fucking dog bitch” Vanessa said

“Whore” young girl shouted

“Dog sucking slut”

“Little dog girl bitch”

The two girls started to shake with pleasure and could not hold back; “Fuck yes” moaning in unison “fuck “ “fuck “ “fuck “ “fuck “ ahahhahahhahahhahahah “I am cumming “the young girl screamed

“FUCKING YES!” Vanessa was cumming at the same time

They fell forward on to each other and had a wonderful orgasm; the girl thanked Vanessa and asked if they could do it again. Vanessa said yes but you will have to let the dog fuck you the next time.

“O WOW that would be so nice”

Vanessa noticed Brandy had calmed down and was just shown a little red tip. We can go now Vanessa said to the girl; they swapped details; yahoo e-mail and said they would be in touch.

They got out of the bushes and started to walk home; as they passed people, the young girl whispered to Vanessa “If they only knew” they both laughed loud and walked off.