Story - "Sell the Male Slave"

This is a fantasy that I try hard to make reality

Sell the Male Slave


“Please Master…”


“Shut the fuck up you fat, ugly, small-cock slut I am sick of your whining. I am sick of seeing your stupid face. You make me want to vomit. I am going to get rid of you.”


We were waiting in a carpark. I was in the back wearing a dog collar with lead, sleeveless t-shirt, jogging pants and no-lace trainers. My boyfriend was at the driving wheel.


It was grey and raining. The carpark was open to the sky and mostly empty.


Terry, my boyfriend was in his 40s. Dark complected, bald, slim, under average size. He leaned in to the back and slapped my face.


“You will sit there in silence, bitch”.


We waited. Terry lit a cigarette and wound the window down some. He fidgeted and drummed the steering wheel with his fingers.


“At fucking last!”


A very battered white car had pulled into the carpark and was circling slowly.


Terry flashed the lights of his car. The white car sped over and stopped 20 metres away.


“Wait there”.


Terry got out and walked over to the other car. A window rolled down and after a brief discussion a big beefy guy got out. Both walked back and got in on the front seat.


“So this is it”.


“This?” The big guy pointed at me. He had a foreign accent, Eastern European, small nasty eyes.


“Yeah, not much to look at but then this is not an ordinary deal”.


“I am not sure I want. Looks sick”. The big guy frowned and pointed at me.


“Look friend, we had a deal. If you don’t want then fine. We can just wrap this up and go on our separate ways”.


The big guy looked at me and then back at Terry. “I bring associate”. He stepped out and made a beckoning gesture. Another guy got out and dashed over. He got into the rear seat next to me.


This guy was small and skinny, even scrawny. He had bad teeth and dirty looking hair. “Neata. Hello. So this is what you offer?” He pointed at me.


“Yep. That is what I offer”. Terry grinned like he was pleased.


“How we know all is as you say?”


Terry leaned back and slapped me on the face. He reached down and yanked my trousers to expose my genitals.


“Now this, my friends, is a fat, limp-dick, no-cock pig. He will suck cock, he will take cock in the ass, he will take spanking and humiliation, he will take caning and whipping, he is submissive”. He turned to me, “aren’t you bitch?”


“Yes Master”, I said softly


“Louder, you cunt!”


I raised my voice, “yes Master”.


The big guy leaned over. “It is true as you say that your pig has small cock” He laughed.


The slim guy reached out and grasped my cock end and tugged.


I flinched and gasped.


Terry laughed.


The small guy sniggered “It does not matter for what we plan”. He kept his hand on my cock and dog his nails in. I squirmed and let out a grunt.


The big guy looked at Terry, “you do not care what will happen?”


“No mate. I don’t care at all. Do what you want. Just take the pig away.”


The big guy looked at me again. “He is not very good. We offer less then we discussed – €750”.


“We said a grand!”


“I am sorry, now we see your pig we don’t think he will be as useful as we thought. Also we have to control.” The big guy rolled the ‘l’ like he was making a point.


Terry shrugged his shoulders, “do you know what? I am just happy to get rid of this pig. He has been my boyfriend but I am bored and disgusted with him. I agree. I am curious what you will do though”.


The small guy leaned towards me and spat in my face. The big guy laughed and put out his hand to Terry to shake on the deal.


“As you know we are Tigani – gypsy as you say here. We live in Romania by our own rules. We are many. All fear us. We have many activity. Our main business is people traffick and run prostitutes. We will use this new slave for work in Romania. We will put in work gang for labouring contracts we find. We will also use as prostitute pe strada – on the streets. He will be kept locked in house with other slaves when not pe strada or on work gang”.


He took out a roll of notes and started counting.


“Usually, we have to be careful because people can be traced even if they are slaves. This time with this slave, we take from your country to Romania and no-one notice he is gone, no-one know where he is from. We will smuggle out. You understand you will be silent after we do deal”


Terry looked a bit uncertain, “look, a deal’s a deal. I will keep my end of the bargain”.


The big guy leaned closer to Terry and held out a wad of Euro notes. “Here is money. If you take you accept that you will never talk of this. You will forget all.”


Terry looked nervous. “yeah, mate, I understand, don’t worry”. He took the notes.


The big guy leaned back satisfied, “Nicu will be trainer, he will tell you what also happen”.


The slim guy still had hold of my cock, He gave a hard twist that made me cry out. “Also, we make some very extreme porno. Very extreme. We have all set up, camera people, places, lighting, all.”


He looked from Terry and leered at me.


“We discuss already and we use in porno no limits. We can use how we want so he will be put with male dogs, donkey and pigs. We have a woman we know who will whip to blood and cut with knife. She is crazy but useful for this. We use this pig fara mila – no mercy – in porno films.”


He laughed, let go my cock, took the lead and opened the door.


The big guy held out his hand to Terry to shake, “now we take out new slave to beat up. Nicu and two other guys in car will beat slave badly with hands, feet and belts. We can beat how we want as no-one will see. Then we put slave hidden in truck. No-one check smuggle out of this country!” He laughed, “Goodbye and thank you for making sale.”