Robyn's Affair with Sultan Revealed.

An Awkward Moment Arrives and Brings Another Dimension To My World

Hi Wolfie babe:


I would much rather be telling you this as we chat but I want to share with you what has happened since I got home.


As you know I was in Asia for a business trip and couldn't wait to get home. I had a little escapade with one of my top clients but that can wait for another time, if you are interested.


So, I arrived home on a Friday morning and having slept around 10 hours on my flight, I had lunch with hubby and when we arrived home mid afternoon, I couldn't believe that Sultan and his owner were out front of our home when we arrived back there. My neighbor goes like "Hi, I heard you were coming home today so we wanted to say hello' and Sultan was looking at me and whimpering and the tip of his cock was out about an inch and I had this sexual rush so strong that I almost had an orgasm right there.


On Friday night hubby and I had great sex but all I was thinking of was Sultan. Don't get me wrong, I luv hubby to Mars and back, but seeing how much Sultan wanted me was driving me wild.


Saturday, as usual, hubby left for golf at about 7.30 am or so and when I got up around 10 I was anticipating Sultan so much my nipples were hard and I kept getting goosebumps. All I had on was a green see-through cotton top (you have seen me in it before) and I kept looking out my kitchen window waiting for him to arrive.


Not long after I had a knock on my back door and my heart jumped! I went to answer it and I could see it was my neighbor with Sultan so I half-opened the door to speak with him while trying not to show my state of undress.


He goes 'Hi Robyn. I thought you wouldn't mind if I asked you to dog-sit Sultan for a few hours this morning while I run some errands' and I kind of spluttered 'Well ok, sure, ummmmm ok, yeah I could do that. I guess' and neighbor goes "Great, I don't think he will be any trouble - he's always happy to see you' and with that I open the door a little wider and Sultan is sitting there with his huge tongue hanging out and his beautiful cock poking out about 3 inches OMG.

Neighbor says 'can I come in for just a moment?’ and kind of just walks in with Sultan and I follow them into my kitchen. Standing there both he and Sultan can see all of what I have to offer (if you know what I mean) and Sultan comes over to me and puts his nose right into my still-wet-from-hubby pussy.


Neighbor says 'I know how much Sultan likes you and I know how much you like looking after Sultan so I want you to know that it's ok for Sultan to look after you anytime you want' While he is saying this, Sultan is actually licking at my bare pussy as I try to push him away and cover myself but my neighbor could see how erect my nipples had got and my obvious state of excitement and he said 'I hope you won't mind but my errands aren't that urgent, could we have a coffee?' I think I said ok, and anyways I got the kettle to fill from the sink and as my back was turned, Sultan again stuck his nose right into my butt and began licking furiously at my pussy and I couldn't help it, I hesitated and involuntarily pushed back on him. I think I must have moaned too.


When I turned around from the sink, Sultan was ready to go right there as his cock was like fully coming out and his knot was forming and my neighbor says'Robyn, I promise you - all I want to do is watch. I promise I won't do anything, say anything - all I want to do is watch you' and I was past protesting – I think have told you before Wolfie that he has suspected for some time that Sultan and I are lovers.


So I just blurted out 'you are never to say a word- or else' and he goes 'I promise Robyn, hand on heart' so I said to him 'follow me but don't say a single word' and I Led Sultan and him upstairs to my bathroom with the Jacuzzi and I took off my top.

Neighbor (Steve) moaned as I did this and then I sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi leaned back in my naked state and parted my thighs and called Sultan to come over and invited him to lick my pussy.

Wolfie, I don't know if it was because Steve was there watching or because I had been away or what but I started to cum almost as soon as Sultan's tongue found it's way into my vjj - less than 1 or 2 minutes anyway. Steve was just standing in the doorway watching us in the mirrors and rubbing his cock through his tracksuit pants - Steve is definitely not my type - he's fat and balding - but his arousal fed mine and must have cum 4 or 5 times.


Then I said to Steve ‘I want more' and he just kinda half-nodded so I got up and went downstairs to my lounge and sat on the edge of my sofa and directed Steve to sit at the end. I leaned back and rotated my pelvis forward and then patted my tummy which is Sultan’s sign to get up on me which he did.

I felt around for his cock (omg) and rubbed the tip up and down over my pussy and clit and I started moaning and then I realized that Steve was moaning too saying ‘Oh Fuck, Robyn’. So I put the tip of Sultans cock just inside me and then said 'Go Sultan' and he hammered his cock into me and after about 10 or 12 thrusts I could feel his knot growing so I pulled my legs up and back and then pulled Sultan into me coz I wanted his knot in me too.


Wolfie - I was amazingly aroused - I was totally naked on my sofa, missionary, my whole body moving with Sultan as his 9 inches fully inside me pumping his semen into me and as I'm coming I look across at Steve and he has his cock out.

So - I'm naked laying back on my sofa, Sultan fully inside me and as I'm coming Steve has his cock out and I'll be honest, I wanted to put on a good show.


I can see the pre-cum almost dripping from the end of his cock so I motioned him to move over next to me and kneel on the sofa with his cock about level with my boobs. I circled my right nipple with my finger and at first he didn't understand so I licked my finger and did it again and he understood immediately. I saw his cock jump and the head flare and I thought he was going to cum right there. He didn't tho and he then rubbed his cock and his precum all around and over my nipple.

It was so hot - Sultan knotted inside me his cock pulsating, me having one seemingly long orgasm that just ebbed and flowed a little and Steve rubbing his precum over my right boob with his cock. Steve started to say something and I just shooshed him - I didn't want to hear anything he had to say.


I can’t say how long this went on but it was probably 5 or so minutes and then Sultans cock started to shrink a little and I said to Steve 'do you want to cum?' - well the look on his face was answer enough so I asked him if he wanted to cum over my tits. He nodded so I told Sultan 'down boy' and he got off me with a helping push from me and as he popped out of me his cum ran out of my pussy.

I looked up at Steve and nodded to him again and he started to jerk his cock furiously but I wanted it against my boob so I moved back and up a little so that it was. At the same time. Sultan was started licking his cum from my pussy and as I started to cum again, Steve exploded and like literally covered my tits with his cum. We both cum tremendously hard and I found out that Steve is a screamer!


As soon as Steve had cum, Sultan put his front paws up on the sofa and started to lick Steve's cum off my tits and I actually saw Steve's cock jump again. He was still very hard and I motioned to Sultan to lick Steve's cock and Steve pulled away. I said to him 'you're kidding, right?' and he gave me a horrified look and I said " Don't you go being coy now' so he very slowly moved closer to Sultan who licked the cum off Steve's cock.

He wasn't that interested coz he soon came back to licking my pussy so I just lay there and tried to figure out my exit strategy and tried seriously not to cum again. Steve had moved back onto the end of the sofa and was looking at us with astonishment coz I had patted the sofa next to me and Sultan had his front legs up on it so I reached down and was playing with his cock which was still reasonably hard. I luv the feel of his cock in my hand Wolfie - it is hard as a rock and hot as a cup of tea and it wasn't long before he started to hand-fuck me. This is very erotic for me coz I just grip his cock and he fucks it like it's my pussy and I feel it growing and throbbing and I know why it feels so good when it is in me.

Sultan started cumming again and I was getting it all over my thighs and tummy and Steve was starting to get hard again and that's when I realized if I didn't end it here, Steve would want to fuck me and against everything I am, I would probably let him. So I just pushed Sultan away and said as matter of factly as I could 'Steve, time for you to go now and please take Sultan with you'.

I couldn't actually believe it but he just nodded and said 'OK Robyn', stood up, straightened himself out and I did the same. Funny thing is I covered myself with a cushion coz I didn't want him to see me naked!!!!


Anyway, Steve left with Sultan and I jumped in the shower and as I did I noticed the time. What I thought had taken several hours was only 50 minutes! I haven't seen Sultan since or Steve which is a blessing because it is going to be extremely awkward because there is no way I want to elevate anything with this guy. Sorry if I go on a bit Wolfie but I hope you get the vision of what happened. It was pretty hot. Let me know what you think and feel babe.