The cervix is good, but it's better full

I am not the author of this passage, but I wanted to discover this little discovery with you. Good discovery ;)

"One of the best feelings is the pulsing knot and the noticeable streams of semen shooting against your engorged and sensitive cervix. Depending on the dog breed, length of abstinence and diet, the amount of semen can become so much that it fills the entire canal and almost burns. It’s unlike anything you can feel otherwise. Guys: try getting an enema ball and filling it with hot water (not too hot!) and inserting it in your anus and squirting it every half second. That’s the closest you’ll likely get to feeling the spurts inside of you (unless you have a dog you mount regularly).

The vaginal canal is full of pressure-sensitive nerve endings for evolutionary purposes (mainly to trigger orgasm which I’ll mention shortly). The engorged dog penis, particularly with larger breeds, brings back a primal feeling of being filled that re-acquaints women to their deep evolutionary past which ignites a true desire for being bred that no man can provide alone. Plastic or rubber objects cannot fulfill either because it is the warm, organic skin-to-skin physiology that makes the connection. When this magic happens, the female orgasm – thought to be a primal prerequisite for insemination – serves its original purpose and the cervix telescopes slightly towards the vaginal opening and the cervical os opens to essentially slurp up the semen collecting at the entrance thus filling a vacuum in the uterus for optimal insemination. The bigger the breed, the healthier the dog, the more semen; the more semen, the more you will have the pleasure of carrying around with you for days until it trickles out and/or is absorbed. Of course, the sperm cannot successfully fertilize the egg but the sheer thought of sperm being stored and attempting for multiple days on-end while the nourishing seminal and prostatic fluid reward your uterine lining is what evolutionary dreams are made of. I can’t speak for all women but since I have deliberately concentrated on having deep, breeding sex with large dogs my menstrual cycle is a lot more manageable than before: less cramps, less heavy bleeding, normalized moods. I am convinced that my body truly rewards me when I provide it with a steady diet of semen. I think human semen would work as well but it is substantially different from that of a canine in its consistency and most importantly volume. Besides, it’s very rare that a human’s semen finds its way into the cervix in any meaningful amount compared to a dog; most human semen rests in the vaginal canal and quickly leaks out unless the woman makes a special effort to keep it in but even then, unless there is a cervical orgasm, the os will stay fairly closed."


Take me back if I said mistakes or want to add something.