Uncle Larry's Puppy Farm part 2/5

'Uncle Larry's Puppy Farm' story By: Susan Michelle Scott

Uncle Larry’s Puppy Farm
By: Susan Michelle Scott


Part II: Becoming A Bitch

The rest of the day Rex and I and had a lot of fun. It was dark when I finally locked him in his pen and went into the house. I smiled all evening, thinking about Rex and what a happy big puppy he was. It was the best time I’d had since my parents died. I decided that since Uncle Larry wasn’t going to pay for my trip to Europe, getting me Rex was the next nicest thing he could have done. I was eager to go to bed, so that I could get up and play with Rex in the morning. After dinner I boiled water and made my tea before heading to bed, as I did every night.

I went up to bed, stripped and put on fresh panties and one of the giant t-shirt I wore at night. I read for a while, Jane Austin’s Emma, and sipped my tea. But the tea didn’t make me as horny, as it usually did. I figured it was because I was still upset about Peter and the way we’d parted. I wondered if I shouldn’t have had him get a condom and we could have put and end to my virginity. I knew I’d miss him, especially since it looked like I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

After I finished my third cup of tea I laid down. I was tired, but not to tired to try pleasuring myself. As my fingers did their magic I thought about Uncle Larry’s porn of women making love with dogs and suddenly I was very aroused. I imagined Rex using his tongue on my vulva and climaxed, very hard. That was the first time I ever imagined any kind of sex with an animal, and it had turned me on, instead of off.

I dreamt a lot that night, something about all the stuff that was in the living room. I dreamt of what the bitch mastiff Uncle Larry was going to get would be like. In one dream Rex preferred playing with me to being with the bitch and that dream made me happy. I must've slept pretty well, but I got kind of cold in the middle of the night, and pulled a fur blanket uo against my naked body, and went back to sleep.

I woke up, on what I thought was the next morning, stretched, and got up off my cold bed. Then I realized something. I didn't have a cold bed, and also remembered that I didn't have a fur blanket. I rubbed my eyes and opened them fully to the morning sunshine beating down on me through the trees.

"Morning, Rex, hi, Joy."

My name was Joy, but, Rex? Who was Rex?

Oh yeah.

I looked over my surroundings, and found out where I was, why I was cold, and why I had a fur blanket.

I was in the outside cage, with Rex stretching next to me as he woke up. I'd been laying in the large doghouse with him for some part of the night. I looked down at myself, and found that my t-shirt and panties were gone. I was naked and without thinking my hands moved to cover my groin and my breasts. I really wanted a third hand, but had to make due.

"Hungry, guys," my Uncle Larry asked.

"Uncle Larry, what's going on?"

"On all fours, Angel," he said.

I looked at him, confused. I searched for another dog in the cage. There was none.

"Now, please," he said, standing at the door of the cage and looking intently at me.

A memory suddenly flashed in my mind. It was of the computer, the site, the dogs mating with girls. I'd forgotten all about it during my sleep. I thought I knew what was going on. If I was right, I knew what I was in for, and I didn't like it at all.

I looked at Rex and knew with certainty! Uncle Larry wanted to watch me have sex with a Rex! Of course, I didn't want that! I wasn't going to be like one of those girls on those sites he liked. No way, no how!

"Uncle Larry, no! I’m not putting on any kind of sex show with Rex, not now, not ever! Let me out, now!"

"Sit! Bitch!"

“No! I screamed, but I did sort of cower down trying to cover myself.

Uncle Larry continued, very calm, and patient. “I’m calling you Angle now; since that’s the name I registered you under with AKC; Gilroy’s Angel of Callahan’s Farm. For intense and purposes Joy is gone, and wont be back for years, if ever. You are now a bitch mastiff named Angel.

“Your boyfriend Peter called, and your friends Ann and Grace did too. I told them that you’d just left for Europe and would be gone for at least a year.”

My heart sank. What ever Uncle Larry was up to, my friends would believe I’d left for Europe. For months I’d been talking about it with them as something I hoped Uncle Larry would let me do right after I received my AA degree. No one was going to come looking for me, and if someone else called who knew me, there was no reason for them to question the Europe story.

"Angel, if you don't sit right now, you're getting punished."

I folded my arms across my breasts, crossed my legs enough to hide my valley, and turned away.

"Fine then, no food for you this morning."

I heard a door open, but not the cage door. It was a small door for a food bowl to be slipped through. Rex got up and eagerly walked over and started eating. I looked over and saw another bowl full of dog food in my Uncle Larry’s hand.

"I'll take you both for a walk after breakfast," he said, going back into the house.

After Rex ate breakfast, my Uncle Larry came out and looked in at us, smiling broadly.

"So, ready for a walk?"

I quickly sat down and crossed my arms across my chest again.

"Fine then. If you go to the bathroom in that cage, you'll get a beating you'll never forget."

I shrugged, and Uncle Larry opened the cage, put a leash on Rex's collar, and then locked the cage again (with a key, of course), so I couldn't get out.

I sat there for a while, waiting for them to come back. I kept thinking that if I kept this up, Uncle Larry would give in, or maybe tell me it was all a joke. But nearly an hour and a half passed, and neither Rex nor Uncle Larry came back. I started getting hungry, and I had to go to the bathroom, badly. After two and a-half-hours, I felt like my bladder was going to explode and my stomach was eating itself.

"Hello, Angel," Uncle Larry said, coming from around the house, leading Rex, on his leash.


I nodded, standing on all fours. I’d realized, while waiting, that Uncle Larry was serious, and I figured I'd better get used to this, because Uncle Larry was not going to stop. After two years of living with him I knew he could be stubborn as hell. He smiled, and opened the cage door, leashed me, and led me into the yard. He didn't get far before I squatted down and unleashed what seemed like a flood of urine. I had to go so bad; it felt like I was spraying it. And it hurt, too.

After I was done, Uncle Larry brought me inside, put Rex in his cage, and brought out my full food bowl. Dog food, of course. I looked up at Uncle Larry, hoping that he was just kidding about this part, at least.

He nodded at the food, and I proceeded to eat it, since I was so hungry at that point, I'd take anything. The taste was really very bland and a little meaty. I was glad it wasn’t some smelly meat like chunks in gravy that I knew dogs liked. I hoped that the dry food wasn’t because Uncle Larry was punishing me, and that if he thought I was behaving the way he wanted me to, he’d give me real yucky food. Soon after I finished, I had to go to the bathroom again.

Uncle Larry realized this, let me out, and I squatted down in the middle of the yard, facing Uncle Larry. I pushed out my feces, and let it dump on the grass. It felt so wrong, but I knew I had to get used to it.

As he watched me eliminate my waste, Uncle Larry spoke, very softly, “Angle, the farm isn’t doing very well. The economy is down and the bank wants its money back. They gave me a few months to get caught up on my payments, but if I don’ this time next years they will take the house and farm from me. To get the money for the payments, and make ends meet around here, we will need you to work. I decided the easiest, and most enjoyable way for you to contribute to the farm’s income was for you to have puppies that I can sell. You’ve been taking you a special drug for months, it was in you’re the tea you drink that Marge gave you. The drug will allow you to have puppies with Rex, very soon.

I started to protest but he held up his hand. “Don’t argue. It’s done! Rex was expensive and you two have to show a profit for me. Marge, who is a vet, and something of a witch, assured me that you can produce very good quality puppies. I also decided that it would be easier on you, if you lived full time as Angel, my bitch dog, and Rex’s breeding partner.

“From now on, I will treat you as my bitch. If you behave as if you are human I will punish you. If you act like a good bitch I’ll reward you.

I stood up and started to scream. Uncle Larry, who’s a big guy, walked over and grabbing me, put me over his knee and, using a rolled up newspaper, slapped my bare behind until I was screaming in pain and begging him to stop.

He paused, and asked, “Are you ready to recognize and accept your role as a bitch in my puppy farm?”

I said, “Yes,” very softly.

Then he hit my sore bottom some more. When he stopped I was crying to hard to speak for a while. But I heard him when he said, “Bitches don’t talk! If you agree to be my breeding bitch lick my hand! If not you’ll get a beating like the one you just had every day until you do!”

He held out his hand to me, and still crying, I licked it. I wanted to gage, but knew another beating and I’d do more than lick Uncle Larry’s hand to get it top stop.

“That’s better. If you want to say no, when I ask you a question sit down with your ass to the ground. To say yes, offer to lick my hand. To show you’re happy wage your ass from side to side.

“Angle, be careful about saying no. I won’t put up with an uncooperative bitch!”

“Now, Angle, you may think you went to bed just last night. But Marge changed your tea and you’ve been asleep for three days. During that time Marge did other things to you, injections and I don’t know what all, that she said will make you ready to breed quickly and will assure that your puppies are the finest quality little mastiffs that have ever been bred.

“Make up your mind to it, Angel. You are now a bitch dog that will soon be bred to have puppies. In fact I plan to breed you twice a year. Marge said that at two litters a year you should have an average of eighteen puppies a year, maybe more. I’ll think I can sell them for more than a grand each, and at that rate I can pay off the mortgage on the farm in six years. With your puppies making the payments, so to speak, I can invest the farms profits in improving the place, increasing profits as well as diversifying the crops. Of course if you want to mate with Rex, you can do that whenever you want to.

Just then Marge walked into the room. I looked at her with hate in my brown eyes, but she just smiled.

“Hi, Angle,” She said, grinning. “That’s a pretty name, for a girl, or a bitch. It’s true; I did help your uncle get you ready to be a breeding bitch for his new puppy farm venture. You’ll be pleased to know that you no longer need to drink the tea. Your cute breasts will stay firm and well shaped without it. Even after you have nursed dozens of puppies.

“You’re probably wondering why it’s you and not me in the cage with Rex. Well, the process is works faster and better when done on a young woman, especially if she is a virgin, and I’m pretty close to the change, so there wouldn’t be many more years for me to breed. Not that I didn’t think of it, particularly after I met Rex. He is so very tempting. I did volunteer, but after we talked it over your uncle said you’d be a better choice, and it was time you made a contribution to the farm.

“I like mating with dogs, and your uncle has often watching me when I do. But I haven’t done it with Rex. Since you’re a virgin, we decided it was only right that the male dog that breeds you be a virgin too. That way you can be real mates, and he won’t be just a stud that gives you puppies twice a year.”

Uncle Larry stepped up and explained further, “You see, Angle, after the recent stock market implosion your trust fund, and the money I’d invested for your college, wasn’t enough for much of a trip to Europe and or even college. Since you don’t have the grades, or the athletic ability, to get a scholarship I decided that working here on farm for ten years was best for you. By then your trust fund should be worth something again, and if you work out as a productive breeding bitch, and pay off the mortgage with puppies, I’ll give you a share of the farm, say twenty-five percent. At that point you can stay on here, and continue to breed puppies for me, or take your money and go to college, or Europe, or what ever.

“The thing that gave me this idea is what I hear around town about you becoming a come slut, blowing any guy who’d take you out.”

I wanted to scream, I’m mean I’d only give a blowjob to two guy besides Robin, and there were only three more that I’d given a hand job to. I didn’t seem like a lot, there had been plenty of guys that I turned down, but I guess some of guys I said yes to, talked and the talk made it a much bigger deal than it really was. I Just sulked anyway. I knew protested the truth would only get me a beating, but I wanted to, and it was all I could do to keep my mouth zipped.

Besides, if what they said were true it wouldn’t make any difference, even if Uncle Larry believed me. He was just rationalizing his horrible actions and their melding with his lust to see a girl mating with a dog.

Marge interrupted my thoughts and continued my torment, “Now, in ten years, and for the rest of your life before menopause, say 30 to 40 years from now, every six months you’ll go into heat and let any dog that gets near you breed you. Your scent will draw plenty to you, and if you aren’t very careful you’ll end up with litters of mongrel puppies no one wants.

“Oh, and remember, the tea made you horny. That’s permanent. You will always be that way. That’s another reason we put you with Rex now, he is well equipped to give you what you need when you want to be touched, either with his tongue or penis.”

Smiling and happy, Uncle Larry put a thick leather collar on me, leashed me, and led my back out to the cage in the back yard and then locked me in with Rex again. I wanted to kill him, but couldn’t figure out how.

Rex was happy to see me and wanted to play, but I was mad at Uncle Larry, Marge, and the world in general, and that included Rex. I sat with my back to him and ignored him. But a few minutes later I heard him whimper and glancing over my shoulder saw that he was very unhappy. I realized that he didn’t understand why his new friend didn’t want to play. I looked at him, hard, for a long time. It knew what had happened wasn’t his fault. He was just a big happy puppy that didn’t understand why I was ignoring him.

I also realized that he was rather handsome, for a dog. His huge head was proud and his body looked well muscled and strong. He did look like he could sire excellent puppies. But at the thought I recoiled, knowing that I didn’t want to be the bitch that he did it with. After watching him for over an hour, I relented. I couldn’t be mad at Rex; it wasn’t his fault, no matter how I looked at it. I went over to him and petted him until his dark mood had evaporated and he was all happy puppy again. Then we played together. As we wrestled and rolled around, I realized that he was being very gentle with me and hoped that he would stay that way. I decided to treat him as my dog, and love him as if I was still a twenty-year old girl living in a house.

I didn’t regret that decision. But that day, and every day for many months after, I regretted not giving in to Robin and letting him deflower me. At least we really liked each other, and Robin was human and very sweet, when he was touching me. He would have been gentle, and maybe it would have screwed up Uncle Larry’s plan to make me a breeding bitch.