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Names of the countries in Slovak language

Names of the countries  - Názvy krajín


In Slovak the names of countries usually have the following endings of final letters and, accordingly belong to the following genders:


-sko/cko:                 neuter                Slovensko, Dánsko, Taliansko, Anglicko, Grécko, Fínsko


- a:                          female                 Amerika, Európa, Čína, Uganda, Kanada


-ia :                         female                  Austrália, Ázia, Malajzia


Other :                   male                     Irak, Irán, Izrael, Jemen, Tibet




Most of the names ending in – sko were formed  from names of members of nationalities,e.g Dán +sko, Talian+sko. However, in some cases the situation is more complex, e.g. Slovensko, but Slovák, or both the name of the country and the name of nationality are derivates, e.g. Portugalsko and Portugalčan.


Names of the counties are capitalized. If the name of the country is somposed of several word, only the first one is capitalized, e.g. Spojené štáty americké.
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The only exception is when also one of the non initial words in the name is a proper name, e.g. Republika Marshallových ostrovov.