Submissive Female Pet -Play, Acceptable or Not?

Comments and picture reactions appreciated to this debate.

I recently posted a picture inviting comments, and I was so interested in the replies that I think it deserves a dedicated Blog post.

Not wanting to fall foul of site admin I have engaged in several conversations with people who think women should not be submissive and deserve equal respect and that such content has no place on this site.

I find the idea of telling a verified female member she should not post her original content despite the pleasure gained from doing so about as far from equal respect as you can get if not outright misogyny.

Still, to gather broader opinion, I would encourage likes or hates to this post as well as encouraging comments.

You have two examples, and no I'm not splitting so you cannot like one and not the other, they represent the theme you are picking and not the merits of the photo.

Also, ignore the fact that picture one has a real animal, that is not in question, and I have another blog showing that I don't dislike animal sex, in fact far from it.

It is the submission that is in question not what I'm doing.

On the left:
Imobolised by ultra high-heel shoes on a tiled floor (I can't walk in these) and now let loose from a ring-gag but instructed to "service" my four-legged friend here while I'm watched, cocks in hand.
Am I going to do this on my own just for fun, no not like this anyway, but oddly enough I'm not saying no either even though I am being used.

On the right:
Now I'm a human pet, stripped, same heels so I can only crawl on hands and knees, but now I have a mistress who thinks of me as her pet and encourages me to eat her out.
I am still doing what I am told, but I am also Bi and trust me getting very wet at this game which I am thoroughly enjoying but again not normal practice, although the user in this instance is female.

In both cases, I could have or even say no at any time, but this is what submission is, self-gratification by being defined as less than someone else.

Some members have argued that this content has no place on this site, but I cannot disagree more, and my overriding point is that it is my life, body and free will that dictates how I like others to treat me and even further my decision to display it.

Providing the theme is Zoo related I argue it is appropriate even if it comes across as degrading to women.

My last point to make, I find it more offensive to women seeing so many profiles that think to have a dick pic as their only post is going to make us all swoon and so why should they not just hit the friend button. What a male cock on its own has to do with Zoo I have no idea unless you want me to tell you it looks more like a worm.