First time

Description should be more then 32 characters? I never seen restrictions that stupid! Duh!

I came to this town by the suburban train. Then I spent half an hour at the small station square, all walls covered with ads and posters of long-forgotten groups. Then I received a call, and saw him — guy I met online. He drove by and picked me up, short but muscular man in his forties. We both new why I came here, but still had some pointless chit-chat, while he drove in fields and forest. He groped my dick though.

We turned from a forest road to long clearing with wooden houses on both sides, went through large gates. I saw countryside yard with some firewood, benches and other useful and useless stuff. And a large enclosure, where big black dog was barking. My new friend came closer and said: "Look, I brought you new bitch". And then, to me: "Kneel down". He unzipped his jeans. I'm not gay, but I like such moments, so I obeyed eaferly. His dick was hard, and smelled perfume. After some time he let me go, led inside the house, and showed me to the bathroom.

I was ready after half an hour, I went into the room where he already waited me — dressed only in army pants. Earlier we decided that he will make me ready for the dog, and he did. Oh boy, he did.
It took some time, and after that my ass was very lubed and stretched, ready as it could be. He went to the kennel, and I left alone for few minutes — kneeling naked in front of a sofa, afraid and excited. "What am I doing here? What will happen to me? Who is this man?" — my head was full of these thoughts. Until I heard heavy pants, and clatter of dog paws behind the door. He brought the dog.

Once in the room dog was everywhere, very excited and restless. He was licking me, running around and making all kind of noises. He knew why I was there and who I was. Just another bitch to fuck.

He began jumping on me, scratching my legs and back with his long claws. I felt something alive and pointed poking in my backside, it was painful and confusing. But soon he found the mark and got inside me, growing with each second. I didn't took the knot, not the first time with dog that big and jumpy, but his dick alone was more then enough for me. And weight, he weighted more than half of my weight, and I felt all of his weight on my back. I was getting fucked by this furry beast, roaring and licking my neck.

He was making me his bitch. My head was rolling, no thoughts left in it, I only managed to breath and take his cock. I don't remember how long it lasted, but it was very powerful experience for me.When he was done with my, I was unable to get up for some time, and his seed was leaking from my ass. I felt accomplished.