Slutting around

me in my student days enjoying random sex with total strangers.


Disclaimer: True story, first half of the 80’s when I was 20 years old. Picture is just taken from the internet as an example and is not me.


Summer 1984, it was one of those hot days in the Netherlands. I was enjoying a white wine on a terrace in Amsterdam’s city center. Of course I didn’t wear panties and my skirt was very short. I watched the busy traffic, cars, bicycles, pedestrians, mopeds, women with strollers, people walking their dog all mixed into a kind of organized chaos. Right in front of me I saw a man sitting in his car that was parked. When I looked better I saw his left shoulder moving in a rhythmic way. It took a little while before I realized what he was doing. He was wanking. From where he was he obviously could see right up under my skirt and had full view of my naked pussy underneath it. I smiled at him when our eyes met en opened my legs just a bit wider. That encouraged him to wank his cock more openly. He licked his lips while he looked at my crotch now without holding back. I finished my whine and left the money on the table. I got up and walked straight to the car, and yes, his cock was out. The head shining in the sunlight and his hand around it moving up and down. He opened the passenger window and I bowed down leaning on the door. “You’re hot girl. I love the view I had on your pussy. I smiled, knowing that my tits were in his view now leaning on the door like that. “You have great tits too, would you like to touch my cock baby?” He said bluntly. Without saying anything I opened the door and got in the passenger seat. He grabbed my hand and placed it around his cock. The man was at least 50, making him at least 30 years older than me. He moaned and stroked the inside of my left leg. “Oooh your skin, so soft.” I wanked him harder. Then I went down on him and took his cock in my mouth. I tasted a bit of piss but that taste quickly changed into the taste of precum. There I was, sucking a cock of a total stranger in his car in a very busy street in the center of Amsterdam. His hand on my ass, pulling up my skirt and his other hand on my head guiding me.


Suddenly he pulled my head off his cock. “I don’t want to cum yet. Can I fuck you please baby?” I nodded. “Ok, come, I know the perfect place.” He got his cock back into his pants and got out of the car. I followed him into an alley and there he softly pushed me against the brick wall. His hands went straight for my pussy and pushed in a few fingers. I pulled down my top and freed my tits and then I pulled up my skirt. He fondled with his pants to get his cock out again and then, right there, still standing he pushed his cock inside me. With hard trusts he fucked me while he sucked my nipple. While we were fucking we didn’t notice a guy watching us and wanking his cock. I noticed him at the moment the guy fucking me was squirting his load deep inside my cunt. After a few extra trusts he pulled out. Sperm oozed from my pussy and ran down the inside of my legs. While the guy pulled his pants up and left the other guy approached me. He stopped right in front of me. I took his cock in my hand and took over the wanking. That made him confident enough to take my left breast in his hand, squeezed it and took my nipple in his mouth. After a little while he lifted me up a bit by my ass and lowered me over his cock. He fucked me hard and rough for a while and then he pulled out, turned me around and placed his cock against my asshole. With one move he pushed it all the way inside my bowels. Pushing me against the wall he fucked my ass and cummed hard. After he pulled out and got his cock in his pants again he left. Now the sperm was dripping from two holes.


I pulled down my skirt and covered my tits again and still dripping I walked back into the busy street. I entered a tram back to where my car was parked. The tram was crowded so had to stand. The inside of my legs still wet from sperm and pussy juices. The odor of sperm most be clearly around me, and a black man standing next to checked me out. Then, his hand on my ass, stationary at first and when I didn’t stop him started stroking and softly squeezing my ass cheek. Another man on my other side also felt bold enough to feel my ass and now two hands were on my ass. Skirt was lifted a bit, just high enough for the black guy to pushed it into my ass crack. I was still so damn horny and felt the juices running again. Then the finger was in my ass, finger fucking me. The other guy’s hand was now toughing my cunt, opening it making the dripping even worse. The two men looked at each other and made silent contact, and without saying a word they agreed about what to do next. Next stop was Vondelpark. The two men moved to the door while each of them holding one of my arms, forcing me to go with them. We got out of the tram and crossed the road into the direction of the park entrance. The grip of the men on my arms made it impossible to escape my fate without making a huge scene. We walked in the park and people started to notice there was something odd about us. Two men with a young girl in between them both holding her with a firm grip but no one said or did anything. Also probably because I didn’t put up much resistance or reached out for help. we came up against a fence that marked the border of someone’s garden, the black guy opened the gate and pushed me in. He closed the gate behind me and the other man and there they grabbed me again and pulled off all my clothing. I was put in doggy pose and the black guy showed his humongous cock. It hung right in front of my face like a candy. I took the huge shaft in my hands and put my lips around the head. The other man fingered my pussy and played with my tits. I sucked the black guy deep, lining up my throat to take it all in, all the way until my nose pressed in his belly and my tongue touched his balls. Hands prevented me to pull back and I could not breathe. Just when I started to really struggle he let go. The huge cock plopped from my mouth and I gasped for air. Four hands lifted me off the ground and placed me on my back on a table. My head was pulled backwards over the edge and both men positioned them self on each side of me. The white guy opened my legs and put them over his shoulders and fucked me in my pussy while the black guy fucked my throat. They pounded me hard on both ends. After a while they switched places and the fucking continued. The white men cummed first and filled my mouth with his hot spunk. The black guy kept banging me, his cock was so large he rammed my cervix against my stomach. But finally he cummed also and pulled out. I laid on the table, gasping for air while the men closed their pants. The black guy grabbed my top and skirt and threw it to me. I slowly got up and a puddle of sperm formed on the table making the table slippery. I almost slid off. I quickly got dressed again and saw the big black guy standing in the opening of the garden gate indicating to get lost. I quickly went away and while I walked in the park I realized that I was fucked by 4 total strangers in the time span of an hour without even exchanging a single word. I left a trail of sperm on the path in the park. When I came to the tram stop a tram arrived and this time I made it to the stop where my car was without being groped.


In the parking lot sitting in my car I opened the gloved compartment and took out a vibrator. I so really needed to cum! I switched the vibrator on and pushed it against my clit. I sat back and enjoyed the vibro. I was almost cumming when there was a knock on my window. There was a man looking at me drooling and rubbing his pants. I didn’t stop the masturbation and he open the car door and pulled me out. Bended me over the hood and lifted my skirt. I waited for him to get his cock out and right there, on top of my car, in the middle of the parking lot he fucked me. He belly slamming onto my ass making a loud clash sounds.  He grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper. Submissively I placed my hands behind my back while he was enjoying my fuck hole. “You fucking slut! I’m going to breed you you bitch. Make you pregnant. My sperm inside you. Oooh, I love fucking whores!” he yelled. “Harder, deeper!” I said. “Fuck me, fill me up!” “Ooh yeah slut, I’ll fuck you!” he slammed his belly against my ass even harder. And right at the moment supreme when he cummed a man shouted from afar: “Hey, stop that!” he quickly pulled out, got his cock back into his pants and ran away. Again sperm ran down my legs, I also quickly got up and stepped in my car, started the engine and drove off while the man made mad gestures at me. That was number 5 stranger that fucked me. Was it something in the air? Was it me that drove these men crazy? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. And I wasn’t done fucking that day. I had sex appointments that evening. In those days I paid for my bills with paid sex. So I had to get back into my apartment to get ready. After a quick shower and something to eat and doing my hair and make-up I worked 4 customers that evening and then it was time for bed. Tomorrow it was Monday and had classes again.